Research & Policy Analysis

Research & Policy Analysis

Native peoples the world over are implementing powerful governance and community development strategies that are animated by their respective cultures and circumstances. Yet tribal decision makers often must operate without the kinds of information that policy makers at state and federal levels take for granted.

In conversations with NNI researchers, Indigenous leaders and managers often identify two types of resources necessary for effective policy-making:

  1. reliable, rigorous analyses that provide evidence about new approaches to governance and development, and
  2. written accounts of Native nations' successes in various policy-making arenas.

These concerns are at the heart of the Native Nations Institute's research and policy analysis. Building on the pioneering work of the Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development, we have affirmed that Native nation building — the restoration and strengthening of Native nations' own capacities for self-determined, culturally resonant governance and development — is the key to successful development in Indian Country.

NNI's research and policy analysis unit makes this information available to Native nations and the public through frequent presentations and publications, and it plays a central role in NNI's education programs.

NNI Publications

NNI's research and policy analysis efforts seek to:


the conditions under which Native nations successfully initiate and sustain economic, social, and community development


the public about the issues affecting Native nations, and provide specific policy analysis and advice



the methods by which Indigenous leaders can continue to improve their tribes' capabilities for self-determination, self-governance, and development

Our Research Areas:

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