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  • "Where are the models? What are other nations doing out there? We need to know if it's working and how we can use it."

    - Joan Timeche, Executive Director

  • "Our [NNI] job is to provide people with the things they need to make positive change in Indian country."

    - Stephen Cornell, Faculty Chair

  • "[NNI education programs] gives me insight in different ways of how to govern… with one goal in mind and that is to protect our land, protect our culture, and most of all, most importantly, protect our people."

    - Rosa J. Long, Cocopah Tribal Councilwoman, Cocopah Indian Tribe

Latest NNI News

October 16, 2017
In recognition of their outstanding contributions to Native America, two long-time members of the Native Nations Institute International Advisory Council (IAC), David Gipp and Regis Pecos, received important honors in the fall of 2017.
October 16, 2017
In a first-time collaboration, the Native Nations Institute’s Indigenous Governance Program and the Jumbunna Institute for Indigenous Education and Research have partnered to offer portions of NNI’s January in Tucson (JIT) Indigenous governance education curriculum at the…
October 16, 2017
September 19, 2017
The NNI-based co-founders of the US Indigenous Data Sovereignty Network, Stephanie Carroll Rainie (Ahtna Athabascan), and Desi Rodriguez-Lonebear (Northern Cheyenne) will present on "Generating Principles and Best Practices in Indigenous Data Sovereignty"...
September 19, 2017
Youth send powerful messages on culture and language revitalization, suicide prevention, access to quality housing, preventing animal abuse, and more...