• "Our [NNI] job is to provide people with the things they need to make positive change in Indian country."

    - Stephen Cornell, Faculty Chair

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  • "Where are the models? What are other nations doing out there? We need to know if it's working and how we can use it."

    - Joan Timeche, Executive Director

  • "[NNI education programs] gives me insight in different ways of how to govern… with one goal in mind and that is to protect our land, protect our culture, and most of all, most importantly, protect our people."

    - Rosa J. Long, Cocopah Tribal Councilwoman, Cocopah Indian Tribe

Latest NNI News

April 21, 2022
​During the conception of "The Impact of COVID-19 on Food Access in Indigenous Communities in the Arctic and U.S. Southwest: A Comparative Landscape Analysis" study (NSF-OPP Award # 2035161), the Indigenous Research Advisory Committee…
April 21, 2022
In December 2021, NNI welcomed members to the NNI Tribal Professional Cohort 2022 (TPC). The one-year cohort experience equips Native leaders with knowledge and tools for Native Nation Building. This year’s TPC included elected leaders and…
April 21, 2022
On February 18, Andrew Martinez (Tohono O'odham, Diegueno, Yaqui) participated in the Data Decision to Action: Public Data Infrastructure for Scientific Discovery panel session during the American Association for the Advancement of Science…
February 15, 2022
One surprising outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic is the attention it has focused on rural America. Opportunities for remote work and the increased attractiveness of places with lower population densities, reasonable costs of living, and open…
February 3, 2022
The Native Nations Institute’s (NNI) Tribal and Direct Services team, which assists Native nations or organizations strengthen their governance, has been continuing their education and facilitation services virtually since March 2020 but at…